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Audio Mastering: Use to Perk Up Sonic Excellence of Music

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The concept regarding audio mastering is still not clear to many of us, surprisingly many artists, recording engineer and band members are still unaware of its significance in enhancing the sonic quality of an album. As a result, to that, they release an album or song that can barely match the quality of the albums that are produced in high quality commercial recording and mixing studios. Mastering can be described as the equalization of the soundtracks, fine-tuning of the levels and preparation of the album before replication and release.

Mastering Includes the Following Processes-

  • Match the sonic character of a song to other songs of the album
  • Optimize loudness & even out the tonal balance to make the album sound out and out cohesive
  • Add the last touch of sonic enhancement
  • Correct macro problems like muddiness, harshness or irregular balance
  • Complement the mix with subtle adjustments to EQ, warmth, clarity, wideness and punch
  • Remove unwanted noises like pops, clicks
  • Place proper amount of space between each track

However, the entire mastering process can’t be encapsulated in few lines, in the right hands even subtle improvements of equalization or compression may bring huge changes to the entire track. With the introduction of technically advanced mastering plug-ins and software, increasing number of musicians are trying their hand in mastering and experimenting with their own works. However, before releasing an album for mass audience it’s better to make realistic decision, remember with years of practice mastering engineers earn valuable experience and hone their skill. Thus, consider hiring online mixing and mastering services to achieve new level of sonic excellence to your music.


Most of the audio mastering engineers often express their discontentment regarding the fact that, they need to deal with files that are already so loud that they find little room for improvements. Equalization can be corrected to a level, but limiting and compression can’t be undone or removed. It’s become impossible to employ proper mastering techniques, mastering can be of little help in such occasion. Hence, it’s always advisable to hands over the raw album to a mastering engineer who is highly skilled in mixing as well or else use minimal compression on each instruments and try to avoid add compression to the mix. The more you tweak the mix, the less dynamic range you leave yourself for mastering. When you need to work with stringent budget for music production you can turn to online marketing service. The source files can be submitted electronically through website or FTP and the results are sent via post when physical master disc is needed or made available for easy download. You should always pick up the best online mastering service from the professional.

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