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Tips To Choose an Efficient Sound Mixing Engineer

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A good sound mixer is always the best friend of the musician, so it is very important to know what they exactly do and what are the ways to choose a good mixer.

In the present days, all the mixing engineers are popular as the 'rainmakers" in the world of music. Even some of the world popular mixers are having their blog posts, lots of news is being written for them and even some of the mixing tools have got their names as well. The top musicians are eager with the sound engineers.

So, what it is the craze that lies behind the mixing strategy and why it is so important? What are the features that are looked and examined when you are hiring the audio master, as the professional who knows the techniques of mastering can efficiently perform sound mixing?

What is mixing?

Before hiring the mixing engineer, it is very important to know what the original process of mixing is. It is the process of combining multi-track recording into the original standard stereo track. When you are thinking about the production timeline, mixing of the sound comes after recording and just before mastering. It is one of the best methods to produce wonderful tracks. Even mixing is important than using the microphone, or you have added the extra vocal layer and the mastering process. The good mixing of the sound can make your song pop out of the sound speakers, good to hear and polished. It will also compliment the recorded elements of the songs.

During the process of mixing, the engineer performs three main things-

  1. He balances the levels of various recorded tracks, bringing out the elements in every section, making the song cohesive.
  2. He helps in manipulating and enhancing sonic characters of various soundtracks with the help of the processors like EQ and compression.
  3. Add various creative effects like the delay, panning, distortion, heavy vocal pitching and so on.

Now the question is- how will you find the best audio mixer?

  1. Style of the engineer should be considered when you are mixing the audio. You will definitely not hire the metal guitarist for playing the pop or the jazz music if you are having any particular choice. The same goes for the mixer as well. It is better to hire the professional who is experienced in this field.
  2. Check the work- before hiring the mixer, it is better to hear the songs that he has mixed before so that you can an idea. If they are sounding professional, it is better to hire the mixer.

Apart from these criteria; check the budget, reputation, and reviews of the audio master. Hope this article has helped you to achieve what you want to know about mixing and how to choose a professional.

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